Jour : 13 octobre 2021

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Verb Subject Agreement Errors

This sentence contains an error in the subject-verb concordance. The theme of the sentence is « reports », so the verb « a » must be changed to the plural « have » to be consistent with the plural theme « relations ». Now that you know the subject of a sentence, you need to determine whether it is singular or plural. […]

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Us Jordan Trade Agreement

The agreement also contains trade-related environmental and labour provisions. These provisions do not oblige either country to adopt new labour or environmental laws and each country reserves the right to set its own labour and environmental standards and to amend these standards. Under the agreement, the two countries reaffirm the importance of not abandoning […]

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Uk Withdrawal And The Good Friday Agreement

Former British Prime Minister John Major has argued that Brexit could lead to a hard border, with the European Union and the UK being required to control their borders for customs purposes. [54] The Conservative Party`s European research group group believes that the UK could have the choice of not controlling its border if […]

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