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Sidebar Agreement

In Australia, side letters are becoming more frequent due to changes to federal labour law by the WorkChoices Act. WorkChoices limits the collective agreements that parties can register for the application of labour courts and also requires that ACAs be strictly limited to labour-related matters. The inclusion of minor clauses not related to the workplace (e.g. B the statement of royalties) may lead to the inapplicability of a CBA. In response, many unions and employers use side letters to reach agreement on non-labour issues and do not register these secondary letters with the federal government – and rely on customary law to enforce the ancillary letters. [7] The range of side letter covers is wide. In some cases, ancillary letters have determined national labour policy. In the United States, for example, a subsidiary letter guaranteeing employer neutrality in union elections in newly acquired factories, subsidiaries or departments led to federal action on the legality of the agreement in 2002 and, in 2007, to an important decision by the National Labor Relations Board to revise federal labor policy. [5] [6] In Los Angeles, municipal working coalitions have developed pioneering Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs), a legally enforceable contract between neighborhood groups and a private developer that lists specific requirements for a proposed project.

« We`ve never seen anything like it, » says Virginia Parks of SSA. « These groups can bring the developer to justice. These BCAs are applicable. Many agreements with low-income neighbourhoods are more like promises; They have no teeth. The first full-fledged CBA was signed in 2001 as part of an expansion of Los Angeles` Staples Center sports arena, which included an entertainment complex, hotels and retailers. The agreement called for hiring 70 percent of the 5500 local jobs created by the project, paying workers at least $7.72 an hour with health insurance, and making 20 percent of housing units affordable for families earning 80 percent or less of the region`s average income. Parks says Los Angeles developers are starting to view community service agreements as « the way business is done at LOS. » You will also find benefits for yourself. Developers, in particular, are assured that local municipalities will support their plans. « CBAs can quickly follow the development process, often slow and expensive. » Parks says.

You`ll be surprised to learn that distribution and R&I employees sometimes make « accessory appointments » with the customer, where the dealer lends a small amount of money to the customer if necessary to award the loan and close the deal. Your first reaction might be « but it doesn`t happen in my dealership, » and while we hope it`s true, it happens more often than it should have. No wonder « side appointments » are a bad idea. Typically, employees who do these things think that credits have « low risk, » but they are not…

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